Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reason for the Season

Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year!  

There is something about the Christmas season that really ignites my desire to craft. Inspired by a photo on pinterest, the following craft is my interpretation of the true meaning of Christmas.

Recognize this biblical couple and their baby?

Let's make a family!

The biblical family consists of 3 wooden blocks painted to represent each member. Joseph - Brown, Mary - Blue, and baby Jesus - White, burlap that serves as Mary's cloak, and a button for baby Jesus's face. 

My talented carpenter dad, graciously cut out my wooden family members from scrap wood he found in his wood shop. 

Thanks Dad!

After painting and cutting the burlap to the appropriate length, I used a hot glue gun to dress Mary in her cloak and additional hot glue to 'marry' Mary and Joseph. 

Before adding baby Jesus, I searched for an appropriate face. Remember, Jesus is and was not white!

I love my antique jar of vintage buttons!

I applied the baby Jesus wood block and button with hot glue, and added a knotted strand of garden jute string.

 I then duplicated the craft to give out as gifts :)

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men' 
-Luke 2:14

I hope you enjoyed this Java Journal post.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Classy & Sassy, I Mean Business

I couldn't help but notice an increase in popularity with leopard print. I've had this leopard silk top hanging in my closet for years. It's an awkward length - too short to wear with pants or shorts, but perfect for a high-wasted skirt.

Is leopard too daring for the work place? No!

Let's break down the look...

Leopard Top (I've had since Jr. High) < $2  - Goodwill
Black Skirt - $3.38 - Goodwill
Black Kitten Heels - $4.38 - Goodwill
Coral Scarf - Nine West

Classy, Chic, and a little bit Sassy!

Thank You Goodwill, who would have thought?

Check out your local Goodwill, then follow-up with a trip to my blog for some inspiration!

Happy Hunting

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keepin' it Classy

As the temperature decreases the need for sweaters begins to increase. How exciting! Time to unearth those comfy sweaters, leggings, scarves, and leather boots. Number one rule for every season - before you go shopping, shop in your own closet!

My mother, grandmother, and I spent the day as spectators for a local charity horse show. The weather was a bit chilly and I excitedly organized my scarves and picked my loyal and go-to coral scarf.

A Fall Fashion Equation that will always result in the right answer - Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Boots + Scarf = Classy Fall Fashion AND if you're feeling adventurous, add in a Top Knot Bun!  (so simple and classy) 

Let's break down the look...

Grey Top - Free! (one of my girlfriends graciously let me go through a box of clothes she was sending off to Goodwill)

Jeans - $5.38 (Goodwill)

Coral Scarf - < $20 on sale
          I love continuously wrapping a long scarf  for a more layered look / rather than a long a flowy look - mix it up!

Earrings - Bargain! I bought these gold and creme vintage earrings at an antique mart. 

Boots - Splurge! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cover Up and Beat the Heat: Project Complete

As previously mentioned, I have been playing around with the mesh interior of athletic pants and brainstorming different ideas for a swimsuit cover-up. This is the end result!

I sewed an edge around the entire frame of the front piece, with a 2-inch edge on the bottom front. 

The back consists of crocheted chains in a criss-cross and horizontal pattern.
The look is a bit daring, but it is designed to be worn with a swimsuit and shorts. 

I'm selling it!
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing.

Thank You 

God Bless


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mesh to Looking Fresh - The Journey of a Swimsuit Cover-Up

     College graduation has passed and I am entering a new chapter in my life. With the new chapter, I feel it is necessary to tackle a new closet! Sorting through my closet has been a still-continuing-3-day-process. Amist the organizing; however, my creative wheels are spinning and I am discovering some drab pieces I am anxious to reinvent!

     The following is a picture of a Roxy top I puchased [secon-hand] in high school, along with a pair of Nike athletic pants I have worn since high school freshman year [I hold on to them, thinking they're going to fit again - oh please] The letters have completely faded and/or have been torn off - it's time to reinvent!

Roxy Top - < $3
Nike Pants - < $5

     I really like the blue mesh interior of the pants, so I cut out the entire mesh inteior. Also, I cut out the "Roxy" logo on the shirt - still debating on using it.

Result = A pile of blue mesh!

I draped the remanant fabric on the dressform and brainstormed different constructions. Other ideas included strapless and one shoulder, but I love this final construction.

I originally was going to use shoe lace for the straps in order to continue the athletic theme; however, I love the flirty look of the hand-crocheted yarn straps. I just happened to have variated blue and white cotton yarn. The straps twist in the middle of the back, before meeting the hips of the dress cover-up

A close-up view of the crocheted straps...

Now for the most time-consuming part - measuring, cutting, pinning, and sewing!

Stay Tuned

Thank you for supporting Java Journal

God Bless


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Becoming The Little Black Dress

Clothing Tip #1 - Before hitting the mall and department stores for summer attire, go shopping in your own closet! It is amazing what kind of fabrics, textiles, and looks are hidden between hangers, under boxes, and behind last year's cardigans.

      I recently unearthed this ankle-length black rayon/polyester/lycron skirt [which I believe my mother purchased at Goodwill yeeeeeaars ago, and I failed to ever wear it]. With a little effort, this Old Navy drab will soon become a bit more fab.

     Before placing the skirt on the dress form, I first wore the skirt and played around with the styling. I instantly raised the skirt, and brainstormed ideas for a dress.

     The skirt is beginning to resemble a dress...

   I found a skinny black leather western belt.

 The cinched waist creates a romper look for the dress - loose, cute, and comfortable for sunny days.

Issues -  A high slit in back and gaping zipper on side. 

Proposal - Remedy the slit with a black/black pattern material and insert a skinny elastic band for top of dress.

Stay tuned for my attempt to transform drab to fab!

Thank you for supporting Java Journal.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Taste of Spring Sorority Girl Style

Another beautiful day begins to melt the remaining layers of snow - what better way to celebrate than with a skirt and floral accents? The last Monday of every month requires my sorority chapter to wear formal attire for the entire day. Appropriately, I chose a skirt and silk top for the occasion.

The silk top proposed a few problems after I purchased it. It was a small investment, but I know nothing of how it was originally worn or if it was once part of an ensemble.

I decided to pair the silk top with a gray pencil skirt and white peep toe pumps.

For a floral accent, I included a silver chain necklace with white vintage floral beads and a silk coral and gray floral scarf.

Silk Top - 25c
Gray Pencil Skirt - 25c
Necklace - $1.38
Shoes - $4

Scarf - $3

A sweet thank you to the lovely Autumn for being my photographer :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strangled by a Scarecrow

A Goodwill shopping trip unearthed multiple pieces including a men's plaid button down 3x shirt for 1 quarter! My first intent was to give it to my dad to wear for outside/farm work [but it was way too large]. Plan B - make a hot pad...then I realized I should utilize the entire shirt for a single project, rather than sewing multiple hot pads of the same pattern. Plan C - make a scarf!!

I want to incorporate the functions of the shirt into the scarf. To do so, I included exposed pockets, buttons, and the cuffs. 

The cuffs are buttoned and sewn shut for a finished look.

Two panels were cut from the shirt [one including the buttons, the other including button holes] and sewn together on one side.  The opposite is buttoned as it would be as a shirt. 

Shirt - Scarf
This complete look only cost 25c!! 

My loving aunt made a joke saying "you look like you're being strangled by a scarecrow" 
haha Great Humor! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh Brother, New Sewing Projects!

My latest hobby? Sewing! I absolutely love sewing with my Brother sewing machine. It was a recent birthday gift and I have not been able to stop the pedal! 
It's been a while since I have sewn [took a sewing class in high school] so I want to start out with basic sewing projects. My first projects include sewing hot pads. The hot pads pictured below are made from material purchased at Walmart and are filled with cotton batting. 

Practice makes perfect! 

I am in love with owls and they happen to be one of the Kappa [my sorority] symbols. The adorable feathered creatures inspired these decorative pillows. Aren't they a hoot?

I cut and used old decorative pillows from my bedroom to construct this little hoot. The original decorative pillows for my room were made out of napkins and place mats I purchased at the local Dollar Store. Napkins + Place mats = Decorative Pillows =   A Cut Owl Pillow!

I cut the material and left the edges raw for a rustic and natural look. 

The second pillow is quite startled to see you!

This little guy is made from material remnants. His eyes and a beak made out of felt and button embellishments.

Thank you for supporting Java Journal. Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Happy Sewing & God Bless!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warm & Fashionable Layers

As winter progresses the temperature decreases! Its that time of year to bundle up in layers. Forget bulky and uncomfortable layering -stay warm and fashionable with these Goodwill looks!

This brown knit wrap sweater is one of my favorite fall/winter pieces in my closet. I love pairing it with brown leggings and cowgirl boots - they're the perfect composition for studying in the library and looking fashionable without sacrificing comfort. Pictured above, the wrap sweater is paired with a brown long sleeve shirt and creme scarf. The creme scarf sets off the creme tones in the sweater. I recently purchased these bracelets from Goodwill. The turquoise, caramel, and pumpkins tones add a simple pop of color. Afraid of color? - Add a bracelet with the same coloring such as the bracelet pictured below. The different shades of brown and black compliment the brown tones in the sweater.


Goodwill Fashion
Brown Long Sleeve Top $1.38
Brown Knit Sweater 25c [steal!]
Bracelets $1.38
Scarf  free gift
Total {$3.01} 
Where else can you beat that price?!

I am a fan of neutral tones [who says neutral has to be boring?] Pictured above is a taupe Merona jacket paired with a light violet cashmere sweater. The ensemble is accented with a canvas belt that is included in the previous post. To top it off - literally - is a creme scarf with a beautiful creased pattern. Pair with fitted khakis or skinny jeans and leather boots!

Like to accessorize? Add this! The gold chain and establishments compliment the belt and the shades of purple floral mirrors the light violet sweater. 

Goodwill Fashion
Jacket 25c
Cashmere Sweater 25c
Canvas Belt $1.38 
Scarf FREE with a purchase of shoes
Necklace $1.38
{Total $3.26}

Leather is in! This leather jacket screams fashion forward and will never look outdated because of it classy muted burgundy red color. This color of leather is best paired with a silver hinged cuff and chain necklace as pictured above. The jacket is layered with a brown crew neck sweater too add an additional warm yet fashionable layer. 

The hinged cuff has an interesting leaf pattern - makes a beautiful cuff for fall. 

The silver chain necklace enhances the edgy aura of the leather jacket.

Goodwill Fashion
Jacket   25c
Sweater    25c
Bangle  $3.38
Necklace  $3.38
{Total - $7.26}

Happy New Year & God Bless