Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mesh to Looking Fresh - The Journey of a Swimsuit Cover-Up

     College graduation has passed and I am entering a new chapter in my life. With the new chapter, I feel it is necessary to tackle a new closet! Sorting through my closet has been a still-continuing-3-day-process. Amist the organizing; however, my creative wheels are spinning and I am discovering some drab pieces I am anxious to reinvent!

     The following is a picture of a Roxy top I puchased [secon-hand] in high school, along with a pair of Nike athletic pants I have worn since high school freshman year [I hold on to them, thinking they're going to fit again - oh please] The letters have completely faded and/or have been torn off - it's time to reinvent!

Roxy Top - < $3
Nike Pants - < $5

     I really like the blue mesh interior of the pants, so I cut out the entire mesh inteior. Also, I cut out the "Roxy" logo on the shirt - still debating on using it.

Result = A pile of blue mesh!

I draped the remanant fabric on the dressform and brainstormed different constructions. Other ideas included strapless and one shoulder, but I love this final construction.

I originally was going to use shoe lace for the straps in order to continue the athletic theme; however, I love the flirty look of the hand-crocheted yarn straps. I just happened to have variated blue and white cotton yarn. The straps twist in the middle of the back, before meeting the hips of the dress cover-up

A close-up view of the crocheted straps...

Now for the most time-consuming part - measuring, cutting, pinning, and sewing!

Stay Tuned

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Becoming The Little Black Dress

Clothing Tip #1 - Before hitting the mall and department stores for summer attire, go shopping in your own closet! It is amazing what kind of fabrics, textiles, and looks are hidden between hangers, under boxes, and behind last year's cardigans.

      I recently unearthed this ankle-length black rayon/polyester/lycron skirt [which I believe my mother purchased at Goodwill yeeeeeaars ago, and I failed to ever wear it]. With a little effort, this Old Navy drab will soon become a bit more fab.

     Before placing the skirt on the dress form, I first wore the skirt and played around with the styling. I instantly raised the skirt, and brainstormed ideas for a dress.

     The skirt is beginning to resemble a dress...

   I found a skinny black leather western belt.

 The cinched waist creates a romper look for the dress - loose, cute, and comfortable for sunny days.

Issues -  A high slit in back and gaping zipper on side. 

Proposal - Remedy the slit with a black/black pattern material and insert a skinny elastic band for top of dress.

Stay tuned for my attempt to transform drab to fab!

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