Thursday, September 15, 2011

Penny For Your Thoughts

This morning while walking out the door I FREAKED out, to say the least. I wasn't wearing anything from Goodwill. How does this happen?! Luckily, I remembered that morning I wore a sweater from Goodwill while doing my homework. whew! ...that counts right? Technically, only the girls living in my house saw it, but I'm saying it counts.

Wet Seal was having a buy one get one for a penny sale.
   This is my penny sweater!

Jeans, clearance rack at Charlotte Russe - $17

Scarf is by Nine West purchased from the clearance rack - $13

The Innovation -
 Inter-looping my necklace with the scarf.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What to Unearth for Autumn

It's starting to feel like Autumn! The leaves are changing and so is the weather, as hot humid days turn chilly and brisk. What better way to welcome Autumn than by unearthing your scarf collection.

From Top to Bottom!

Burnt Orange Top with Lace Pattern - $1.38 [Goodwill]
Skinny Jeans by Refuge - $4.38 [Goodwill]
Scarf - < $3  [remnant material from the fabric store]

Accessorized with a bronze and glass bead bracelet.
    $1.38 [Goodwill]

The floral and leaf print scarf contains all of my favorite colors related to Autumn :) I am in love with how perfectly these 2 pieces coordinate both via color palette and floral design.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodwill From Head to Toe

Welcoming the Weekend!

Top by Old Navy - $1.38-$3.38
Skirt - $1.38 - $3.38
Flip Flops - $4.38
--All Purchased at Goodwill!

Scarf - $3 from Walmart

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Kiss of Accessories

It is day 3 of classes and day 3 of my Goodwill school year challenge.

Take it from the top!

White Cotton Top - 25 c {Goodwill}
Brown Capris - Old Navy - Clearance Rack
Flip Flops - $4.38 {Goodwill}

Just a Kiss of Accessories <3

Necklace - Vintage with Colonial Porcelain Scene - $1.38 {Goodwill}

Bracelets - I made these bracelets after disassembling a necklace I purchased
at Goodwill for $1.38!

--I love reinventing!