Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Edible Rarity

Yesterday afternoon I experienced a golden surprise while making lunch. There's something simple yet so exciting about cracking open an egg and finding a double-yoke inside!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodwill Guesstimate

Closet Project 101 – What % of my closet is from Goodwill? Find out!

[Total % does not include sweat shirts, sweat pants, athletic pants/capris/shorts/tops, scarves, horseback riding jeans, pajamas, or coats]

Sleeveless Tops – 56% Sweater Jackets – 59% Vests: 29% Shirts: 27% ¾ Shirts: 88%

Long-Sleeved Shirts: 72% Hoodies: 60% Capris: 38% Shorts: 50%

Dress Pants: 66% Skirts: 28% Dresses: 64% Button-Down Dress Shirt: 92% Dress Jackets: 92%

Shoes: 32% Purses: 55%

---Goodwill % of Closet: 59% [more than ½, not too shabby]

This was a fun little exercise that allowed the discovery of new outfits for school while cleaning my closet in the process. J

"I've got a dollar Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!"

Dollar $tore Haul

My latest indulgence…the Dollar $tore. They have deals and steals without the splurge. Check it out!

1- 7 Folders for only $1 [great for school, work, and/or organizing]

2- Stylish Pen- $1[both practical and posh]

3- Pink Lip Gloss - $1 [honestly, who doesn’t love pink lip gloss? better yet, who doesn’t love pink lip gloss for only a $1?]

4- Groovy Glasses - $1 [feelin’ like a cougar in these specs. rawrrr]

5- Floral Notebook - $1 [when does a writer never need a notebook? and floral is always o-so-fun!]