Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cute & Cozy Headbands

Cute & Cozy
These knitted headbands are cozy for your ears and stylish! I designed the headbands with the goal of creating a knitting project that is both simple and efficient. The buttons are recycled from miscellaneous clothing and hand sewn on the headband. After making headbands for both myself and my friends, they quickly gained attention. I am now selling them for $6 a piece. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing your own knitted headband! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pleasant Surprise for a Plaid Picnic

     This Christmas my best friend Cassie surprised me with an antique plaid picnic set! We had been antiquing together the previous month, and when I spotted this plaid set I instantly fell in love. What a wonderful surprise!! :) The set consists of a plaid canvas bag with leather handles, two traveling mugs with glass interior, and a red plastic storage box. Thanks Cassie! <3

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beauty, Naturally

From Trash to Treasure,
      An Old Necklace Takes on a New Style

      Today I was feeling a bit crafty and decided to sift through some of my beads in storage. I came across these matching beads I salvaged from an old necklace - and after some brainstorming - I made ear rings! These are the first pair of ear rings I have ever made, and they're not too shabby. :)  The pattern reminds me of sea shells or stripes from the Sahara. I paired the shell beads with a couple of complimentary beads and vuala!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sunday Attire, In the Spirit of Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, my Sunday morning attire reflected a few common Christmas colors.

Goodwill Top [light brown, the color of dirty snow]
- $3.38
Goodwill Skirt [pleated, browns, reds, and off whites] - $3.38
Scarf - FREE with purchase of a pair of shoes at Younkers

Rhinestone Belt - $50
Brown Suede Boots - $110 [on sale, not pictured]

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Church Attire !

Jacket - Goodwill - $4.38
Green Sweater - Goodwill - $4.38
Black Skirt - Goodwill - 25c

Looking cute while getting my praise guessed it, Priceless ;)

Greek Formal Meeting

Green Jacket - Goodwill - $1.38 or $3.38 [I can't remember]

I absolutely love this funky green jacket. However, the picture does not do the color justice. The original color is comparable to a bright teal green shade.

Volunteering for Adoption Day

Black Top - Goodwill - $3.38
Skirt - Goodwill - 25c
[the pockets on this skirt are my favorite feature]

In celebration of Adoption Day, my greek sisters and I volunteered our time to assist with directing families, hosting the refreshment table, and of course, cleaning, after the program. It was a great experience. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goodwill Get-Up

Bring sequence to the office or lecture hall by introducing down-town to button-down. :)

Striped Button Down - $3.38

Brown Sequence Tank - $1.38

Brown n' Bold necklace - FREE [gift]

Goodwill - College Business Forum

Nine West Heels - $4.38

Pink Sweater - $3.38

Gray Tank Top - 25c

matching lipstick...a definite must ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodwill: Sticking to my Resolution

Still going strong with my New Year's Resolution to wear something from Goodwill and/or Thrifty

Top by Old Navy
Goodwill: $1.38

Skirt by Unknown
Goodwill: $3.38
It's a bit difficult to tell, but the green skirt is embellished with silver stitching and small sequence flowers. :) A-dor-a-ble

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Tad of Goodwill

Intermixing Goodwill items will lower the expenses of an outfit without taking away your desired look.
Shop. Save. Goodwill.

Vest and Pearl Snap Button down by Goodwill

Cardigan and Halter [25c] Top by Goodwill

Cream Top by Goodwill

Photography by Belen Mata

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mix it, Match it, Goodwill

1st Outfit - Powerful Purple
White Tank and Knit Dress by Goodwill
Total Cost - $1.63
Adding black leggings, black knit leg warmers, and a black beaded chain, completley changes the tone of the dress.

2nd Outfit - Cutesy Color
Wrap-Around-Cropped Top, Tank, Skirt, and Shoes by Goodwill
Total Cost - $9.39

3rd Outfit - Funky Fringe
Top, Skirt, and Heels by Goodwill
Total Cost - $4.88

4th Outfit - Vintage Floral
Top and Skirt by Goodwill
Total Cost - $3.63

5th Outfit - [my favorite] Business Casual - I love the grey look...sunshine or on a rainy day.
Top, Skirt, Shoes, and Necklace by Goodwill
Total Cost - $6.76

Hope you enjoyed these versatile outfits. Happy Goodwill Hunting!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodwill Haul Snapshot

Here I have provided a quick overview of 9 items that I recently purchased at Goodwill on Quarter Day. Each item cost 25c

[pink, orange, yellow] Wrap around Top - Talbots
[white] Knit Top - Faded Glory
[jean] Halter Vest - Fresh Brewed
[purple] Knit Dress - Great American Sports Wear
[grey] Sweater Tank - Mossimo
[pink] Fringed Top - Ruby Cho
[black] High Waisted Skirt - Jones Sport
[floral] Vintage Patterned Skirt - Mixit
[grey] Pencil Skirt - Sag Harbor

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Edible Rarity

Yesterday afternoon I experienced a golden surprise while making lunch. There's something simple yet so exciting about cracking open an egg and finding a double-yoke inside!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodwill Guesstimate

Closet Project 101 – What % of my closet is from Goodwill? Find out!

[Total % does not include sweat shirts, sweat pants, athletic pants/capris/shorts/tops, scarves, horseback riding jeans, pajamas, or coats]

Sleeveless Tops – 56% Sweater Jackets – 59% Vests: 29% Shirts: 27% ¾ Shirts: 88%

Long-Sleeved Shirts: 72% Hoodies: 60% Capris: 38% Shorts: 50%

Dress Pants: 66% Skirts: 28% Dresses: 64% Button-Down Dress Shirt: 92% Dress Jackets: 92%

Shoes: 32% Purses: 55%

---Goodwill % of Closet: 59% [more than ½, not too shabby]

This was a fun little exercise that allowed the discovery of new outfits for school while cleaning my closet in the process. J

"I've got a dollar Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!"

Dollar $tore Haul

My latest indulgence…the Dollar $tore. They have deals and steals without the splurge. Check it out!

1- 7 Folders for only $1 [great for school, work, and/or organizing]

2- Stylish Pen- $1[both practical and posh]

3- Pink Lip Gloss - $1 [honestly, who doesn’t love pink lip gloss? better yet, who doesn’t love pink lip gloss for only a $1?]

4- Groovy Glasses - $1 [feelin’ like a cougar in these specs. rawrrr]

5- Floral Notebook - $1 [when does a writer never need a notebook? and floral is always o-so-fun!]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's Make-up For It

With our original outdoor plans cancelled due to excess rain, Cassie and I made up for our lost fishing time by doing make overs! This look is inspired by a photo of actress Angelina Jolie.
Using concealer as a highlighter for cheek and brow bones, and the bridge of the nose contours the face. Brown eyeshadow is ideal for blue eyes and makes them pop. Peachy-Champagne cheeks and lips make a sweet finish. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

$2 Deal of the Day

As I was shopping at the Dollar Store for flower seeds, I began browsing the make-up section. There I found Pink Ice lipstick [smells/tastes like sugar] and Pink Pearl lip gloss [both by L.A. COLORS]. They were $1 each. What a deal! The lipstick goes on smooth and has a nice texture while the lip gloss isn’t sticky and has the perfect amount of shine. Deal of the day ba-bay!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Racing against time and an incoming rainstorm from the West, I greeted midmorning, trowel in hand, ready to spruce of the flower boxes. [side note] The flower boxes are a product of my father’s genius idea. Made from vinyl fence posts, he cut out flower boxes that will never require the annual painting. They’re simply chip free and flower friendly.

Step one: I planted a total of 8 Geraniums. Step 2: Using sedum from around the yard, I planted some greenery on either side of each Geranium. The whole process only took about half an hour.

Vuala! The flower boxes are cute and complete.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Aboard, Next Stop Chicago

No worries, Goodwill has not been neglected from my everyday life. It has simply been shoved to the back burner from an excess load of school, work, and schoolwork. Such is life. I have kept my word, and continue to incorporate a thrift item with each daily outfit.
SPRING BREAK! Sorry Florida, no dice Los Angeles, hello windy city! On Tuesday, March 16, my family, Nichole, and I visited Chicago. From Kewanee, Illinois we boarded the Amtrak train and headed to Chicago! The train ride was fabulous and full of interesting people. Nichole and I enjoyed hanging out in the café while drinking coffee and hot cocoa.
Union Station in Chicago was a buzz. People filed in every direction. With our eyes glued to the map, we searched for the nearest bus stop that would take us to the Science and Industry Museum. As much as I enjoyed the Museum, it was insanely beautiful outside! My next trip to Chicago will consist of walking, window shopping, the pier, and dining…with friends of course.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 35

Destination - Conference/Award Ceremony in Minneapolis
Goodwill Items - 1

Black Polo Dress by Gap - Orig. - $60
Goodwill - $3.38

*Paired with black leggings, black heels, and black knit leg warmers

Total Savings - $56.62
35 down, 330 to go

Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 34

Destination - Conference in Minneapolis/Dinner at Applebee's
Goodwill Items - 2

Red Long Sleeve Top by Gap - Orig. - 40
Goodwill - $3.38

Khaki Skirt by Faded Glory - Orig. - $15
Goodwill - $3.38

*accessorized with a black and rhinestone belt and a black funky scarf

Total Savings - $48.24

34 down, 331 to go


Destination - Minneapolis!
Thrift Items - 2

Carhartt Top - Orig. - 30
Goodwill - 25c

Sweater by Green Tea - Orig. - unkown
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $6.37

33 down, 332 to go

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 32

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Newspaper, Observing at the High School
Thrift Items - 2

Blue Top - Orig. - unkown
Goodwill - $3.38

Grey Sweater by Missimo - Orig. - $25
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $16.62

32 down, 333 to go

Day 31

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Observing at the High School
Thrift Items - Two

Turquoise Tank with Beading by Sonoma - Orig. - $25
Goodwill - $3.38

Button-up Shirt with Turquoise Detailing by Aeropostale - Orig. - $40

Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $58.24

31 down, 334 to go

Day 30

Snow Day! This calls for comfy clothes and barn chores.

30 down, 335 to go

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 29

Destination - Tutoring, Class, and More Tutoring

Goodwill Items - 1

Brown Hoodie by Derek Heart - Orig. - $30

Goodwill - 25c
29 down, 336 to go

Day 28

Destination - Church

Goodwill Items - 1

Black Polo Dress by Gap - Orig. - $60

Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $56.62

The jean jacket was given to me by my best friend Cassie, and the purple earings are hand crafted from Jamaica.

28 down, 337 to go

Day 27

Destination - Barn Chores, Movie Night with Friends

Goodwill Items - 1

Dark Grey Polyester Scarf - Orig. - unknown

Goodwill - $2.38

27 Down, 338 to go

Day 26

Destination - Tutoring, Observing at the High School

Goodwill Items - 1

Black Top by Rue 21 - Orig. - $20

Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $16.62
26 Down, 339 to go

Day 25

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Newspaper, Observation at the High School

Goodwill Items - 2

Cotton Pearl Snap Shirt by Maurices - Orig. - $26

Goodwill - $3.38

Tanktop by Sonoma - Orig. - $20

Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $39.24

25 down, 340 to go

Day 24

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Church
Goodwill Items - 1
Fur lined sweater by Green Tea - Orig. - unkown

Goodwill - $3.38

24 down, 341 to go

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 23

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Newspaper
Thrift Items - 1

Black Cardigan by George from the United Kingdom - Orig. - Appr. $25
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $21.62

I knit the scarf :) Its a box knit pattern.

23 Down, 342 to go

Day 22

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Observing at the High School

Thrift Items - 1

Corduroy and Fleece Lined Vest by Old Navy - Orig. - Unknown

Goodwill - $3.38

22 Down, 343 to go

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 21

Destination - Church

Thrift Items - 3

White Sweater by Merona - Orig. - $20
Goodwill - $3.38

Black Pencil Skirt by SAGHARBOR - Orig. - $35
Goodwill - $3.38
Black Patten Leather Heels by Steve Madden - Orig. - $40
Goodwill - $5.38
Total Savings - $82.86

21 Down, 344 to go

Day 20

Destination - Home

Goodwill Items - 1

Repeat, Repeat, and one more time....repeat!

I was comfortable lounging around in my carhartt t and black leggings. Comfortable and cute! :)

20 down, 363 to go

Day 19

Destination - Tutoring, Newspaper, Girls' Night at my Aunt Carla's

Thrift Items - 2

Carhartt Long Sleeve Top - Orig. - $30

Goodwill - 25c
19 Down, 346 to go

Total Savings - $29.75

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 18

Destination - Tutoring, Newspaper, and Observation at the High School
Thrift Items - 2

High Waisted Skirt by Worthington (with pockets) - Orig. $45
Goodwill - 25c (quarter day)

Black Top by Rue 21 - Orig. - $20
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $61.37

18 Down, 347 to go

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 17

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Observation at the High School
Thrift Items - 3

Red Sweater by Relativity - Orig. $10
Goodwill - $3.38

Zebra Lace Trim Top by Worthington - Orig. $30
Goodwill - $3.38

Black Dress Pants by Worthington - Orig. $36
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $65.86

17 down, 348 to go

Day 16

Destination - Tutoring, Class, Newspaper
Thrift Items - 1

Blue Cotton Top by Arizona Jean - Orig. $30-$35
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $26.62-$31.62

The Bling - Matching Cross Necklace and Earings from my Uncle Terry and Aunt Sheryll

16 down, 349 to go

Day 15

Destination - College, Observing at the High School
Thrift Items - 1

Black and White Striped Top by The Limited - Orig. $45
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $41.62

(Each link if this necklace is a strand of multiple little wooden beads. I love it! It's very earthy/hardrock)

15 down, 350 to go

Day 14

Destination - Church
Thrift Items - 2

Red Top by Gap - Orig. $40
Goodwill - $3.38

Black and Red High Waisted Floral Skirt by Trixxi - Orig. $35
Goodwill - $3.38

Total Savings - $68.24

14 down, 351 to go

Ice Storm Freezes Java Update

Dear Devoted Readers,

Because of a recent snow storm I have been unable to access the wireless internet from my house for three consecutive days.

What I learned from this Experience: Lack of internet connection increases time spent studying and conversing with my parents.

Though snow continues to fall from the sky, I can only pray for spring to arrive soon!

As always, enjoy JavaJournal


Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 13

Destination - Tutoring, Exploring Teaching at the High School
Thrift Items - 2

White Stag Khaki Skirt - Orig - $15
Goodwill - $3.38

Yellow Sweater by Faded Glory - Orig - $15
Goodwill - $3.38

I bought the scarf onsale from Younkers!

Total Savings - $23.24

13 down, 352 to go

p.s. I recently taught myself how to knit leg warmers!