Friday, August 20, 2010

A Tad of Goodwill

Intermixing Goodwill items will lower the expenses of an outfit without taking away your desired look.
Shop. Save. Goodwill.

Vest and Pearl Snap Button down by Goodwill

Cardigan and Halter [25c] Top by Goodwill

Cream Top by Goodwill

Photography by Belen Mata

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mix it, Match it, Goodwill

1st Outfit - Powerful Purple
White Tank and Knit Dress by Goodwill
Total Cost - $1.63
Adding black leggings, black knit leg warmers, and a black beaded chain, completley changes the tone of the dress.

2nd Outfit - Cutesy Color
Wrap-Around-Cropped Top, Tank, Skirt, and Shoes by Goodwill
Total Cost - $9.39

3rd Outfit - Funky Fringe
Top, Skirt, and Heels by Goodwill
Total Cost - $4.88

4th Outfit - Vintage Floral
Top and Skirt by Goodwill
Total Cost - $3.63

5th Outfit - [my favorite] Business Casual - I love the grey look...sunshine or on a rainy day.
Top, Skirt, Shoes, and Necklace by Goodwill
Total Cost - $6.76

Hope you enjoyed these versatile outfits. Happy Goodwill Hunting!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodwill Haul Snapshot

Here I have provided a quick overview of 9 items that I recently purchased at Goodwill on Quarter Day. Each item cost 25c

[pink, orange, yellow] Wrap around Top - Talbots
[white] Knit Top - Faded Glory
[jean] Halter Vest - Fresh Brewed
[purple] Knit Dress - Great American Sports Wear
[grey] Sweater Tank - Mossimo
[pink] Fringed Top - Ruby Cho
[black] High Waisted Skirt - Jones Sport
[floral] Vintage Patterned Skirt - Mixit
[grey] Pencil Skirt - Sag Harbor