Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Belt it Out

 Purchased this nude and desert brown canvas belt with leather and brass accents from Goodwill for $1.38. 
I love the texture and neutral tones! 

1 canvas belt + Khaki Skirt =  3 ways!

Floral Print
I paired the belt with a khaki skirt because the tones compliment each other so well. My goal is to accent the shirt, not overwhelm it. The top is a simple pearl snap button down with delicate turquoise and desert brown floral accents that compliment the dessert brown tones in the belt.

Goodwill Fashion
Top Aeropostale $3.38
Skirt  $3.38
Belt  $1.38

Argyle Print
The 2nd top is an argyle print cashmere sweater. Similar to the floral print top, the creme, dessert brown, and nude tones in the top reflect the same tones in the belt. The argyle's diagonal lines create an interesting contrast with the horizontal lines on the belt. 

Goodwill Fashion
Top New York & Co $3.38
Skirt $3.38
Belt $1.38

Pairing the canvas belt with a striped top proposed a little more difficulty. I do not want to create a clash of lines between the belt and top. This blue button down has fine white piping that does not over power the horizontal lines in the belt. The light blue shade compliments the creme and desert brown shades in the belt. 

Goodwill Fashion
Top by Express $4.38
Skirt $3.38
Belt $1.38

Too cold for a skirt? Pair all tops and belt with skinny jeans or khaki pants. :)

All clothing items were purchased at my local Goodwill! 

3 looks for $14.90! 

Hope you enjoyed this fashion update from Java Journal!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Country Chic Christmas Gift

Check out this adorable Country Chic Christmas gift from my friend and sis Katie!

These Bell mason jars are full of goodies and treats for the last two weeks of our academic fall semester.

The first jar is filled appropriately for finals week.

Energy in a Jar

Energy bars, coffee, gum, oven roasted almonds, and more! 

The second jar is designated for after finals week when its time to relax and wind down.

Pampering in a Jar

What better way to pamper yourself than with a facial, mint lip balm, hand lotion [mine is Country Chic], and adorable fuzzy socks! 

Make it!

Mason Jar/Lid
Tissue Paper
Computer and Printer Paper
Tons of Goodies for any theme of jar!

The labels can be printed from your computer and taped in whatever fashion that meets your fancy.
Fill jar with fun and functional items.
Place tissue paper over the top opening of the jar and secure with lid.

Adorable and Affordable! 

Thanks Katie for this adorable gift! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men

Deck the halls, warm up with hot cocoa, and pray for snow!
 'tis the Christmas Season

Ready or not Christmas is here! What better way to welcome the season than by setting up the tree? Every year I decorate a miniature Christmas tree for my bedroom. Naturally, it is decorated with cowgirl ornaments I have acquired over the years. The steal? I bought this little guy at Goodwill for less than $5! 
A 2 ft tree brand new averages $30  =  over $25 in savings! 

Pardon the quality of the photo - it does not do the tree justice [a new camera is on my wish list :) ].

               Dear Santa,
                       Please bring me a pair of pink paisley cowgirl boots. I've been an awfully good cowgirl.

Howdy Partner!

A must have wooden sign from the Festival of Trees

Retail isn't the best sale.

 Remember to support your local Goodwill this holiday season. You never know what you might find! 

Let's put the "Christ" in Christmas.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scarf, Sweater, and Skinny Jeans - it must be Autumn!

White Knit Sweater by Merona - Goodwill $3.38
Jeans - Goodwill $4.38
Nine West Scarf - Clearance Rack - less than $15
    Yes, I wear this scarf often. It's my favorite color and Nine West is definitely on my top brand list. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Going Urban for our Country Men Keith and Jake

This past weekend my ladies and I jumped in a car and headed for Minneapolis!

 The occasion?   Jake Owen & Keith Urban Concert - they had no idea who or what was coming for them!

Cowgirl boots and all, we explored downtown Minneapolis, rocked/screamed/cried at the concert, and enjoyed  cafe's and downtown entertainment. After our many attempts to tweet, contact, find, and stalk Owen and Urban, we concluded the evening at our amazing hotel located directly across from the concert building [highly convenient].

Cheers to a weekend I will never forget and my sisters I love and will always remember! 

Special thanks to the Sullivan Family for their Friday evening hospitality, gifts, and amazing road trip snacks!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Penny For Your Thoughts

This morning while walking out the door I FREAKED out, to say the least. I wasn't wearing anything from Goodwill. How does this happen?! Luckily, I remembered that morning I wore a sweater from Goodwill while doing my homework. whew! ...that counts right? Technically, only the girls living in my house saw it, but I'm saying it counts.

Wet Seal was having a buy one get one for a penny sale.
   This is my penny sweater!

Jeans, clearance rack at Charlotte Russe - $17

Scarf is by Nine West purchased from the clearance rack - $13

The Innovation -
 Inter-looping my necklace with the scarf.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What to Unearth for Autumn

It's starting to feel like Autumn! The leaves are changing and so is the weather, as hot humid days turn chilly and brisk. What better way to welcome Autumn than by unearthing your scarf collection.

From Top to Bottom!

Burnt Orange Top with Lace Pattern - $1.38 [Goodwill]
Skinny Jeans by Refuge - $4.38 [Goodwill]
Scarf - < $3  [remnant material from the fabric store]

Accessorized with a bronze and glass bead bracelet.
    $1.38 [Goodwill]

The floral and leaf print scarf contains all of my favorite colors related to Autumn :) I am in love with how perfectly these 2 pieces coordinate both via color palette and floral design.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodwill From Head to Toe

Welcoming the Weekend!

Top by Old Navy - $1.38-$3.38
Skirt - $1.38 - $3.38
Flip Flops - $4.38
--All Purchased at Goodwill!

Scarf - $3 from Walmart

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Kiss of Accessories

It is day 3 of classes and day 3 of my Goodwill school year challenge.

Take it from the top!

White Cotton Top - 25 c {Goodwill}
Brown Capris - Old Navy - Clearance Rack
Flip Flops - $4.38 {Goodwill}

Just a Kiss of Accessories <3

Necklace - Vintage with Colonial Porcelain Scene - $1.38 {Goodwill}

Bracelets - I made these bracelets after disassembling a necklace I purchased
at Goodwill for $1.38!

--I love reinventing!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Casual Class for Every Classroom

It's my second day of classes at college and my Goodwill challenge continues. What's the challenge you ask? To wear something from Goodwill every day of the week! I have been tackling this challenge for almost two years. What I've saved - money. What I've gained - well 1, my closet at home is bulging and 2, I'm helping out my community and supporting the Goodwill statement - We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities. 

Here's the breakdown...

The Deals...
Top - $1.38-3.38
Khaki Shorts - $4.38
Flip Flops - $4.38

The Steals...
Rings - FREE [vintage jewelry given to me by a lady my mom worked with, score!]

The Splurge...
Rhinestone and Cowhide Belt - $75

Life is Beautiful. Shop Goodwill. Share the Love.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coincidentally Coordinated

My Kappa sister Autumn and I coincidentally coordinated for a sorority meeting. :)
...or maybe we're just roommates with good taste.

Check out our great deals!

Lauren - Top and Skirt 25c each.
               Wedge Shoes - $4.38
               Belt - Freebie with pair of jeans!
               Bracelet - $1.38
                  ALL from Goodwill!!

Autumn - Skirt - Freebie from a friend!
               Shoes - Target
               Cardigan - Express

Looking cute for less? Priceless!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pattern Perfect

Pairing prints will create the perfect look, but only if executed properly.

1 - I begin with a  floral skirt I found at Goodwill for 25c!
        The delicate floral pattern is best paired with a simple white tank on top, so the skirt is not overpowered.

2 - I want to combine two different patterns that compliment each other, rather than each fighting for attention.

         This striped button - down [Goodwill $4.38] is bold enough to be recognized as a contrasting pattern, yet is does not overpower the skirt. Exactly what I am looking for! The blues/whites are working well together.

3 - Completed with coordinating blue wedges - also purchased at Goodwill for $4.38

4 - Accessorized with vintage pearls! :)  [FREE]

A cute and sophisticated look for under $10

Try This! If the weather is a bit steamy, loose the button down and pair with fun necklaces or a scarf!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cubicle Chic

Who doesn't love a classic blue pin striped button down?! Especially when paired with a khaki skirt and coordinating wedges!

Top  by DCC - Goodwill - $4.38
Skirt - Goodwill - $3.38
Wedges - Goodwill - $4.38

Looking chic in my cubicle for less than $14? Priceless :)

Red, White, Boom!

I know it's a bit late for a 4th of July post [almost two weeks, yikes!]

When I think of July 4th I can't help but imagine red & white checkered table cloths, picnics, cookouts, fellowship, and of course fireworks!!

To celebrate the 4th with a bit of southern bell flare, I chose a light weight denim dress by Old Navy [purchased at Goodwill] with a draw string halter. Adding a little country, I wore a red bandanna as a make shift headband. It's a bit difficult to see, but on my feet I'm wearing white patent leather sandals, also purchased at Goodwill!

Dress - $3.38
Shoes - $4.38

Country Cute July 4th Style for less than $10!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cute Conversions for the Kitchen

I love converting every-day-new-and-old items into decorative and functional pieces. I hope you enjoy some of these fun and cute pieces my mom put together and creatively thought of for her kitchen. :)

This adorable pumpkin toned pot and lid is a candle! After the candle was burned down, my mom converted it into a container to store sugar packets in for tea and coffee. Cute and functional!

This adorable pot sits only about 4 inches high. I acquired it from an old farmer after some spring cleaning. The hue is between a turquoise and sea weed green. I instantly fell in love with it; rust spots and all!! It serves as a cute color accent in our kitchen.

This glass container and tine lid and porcelain interior was possible once used for tobacco, herbs, or medicinals. If you happen to know, please share!! It is a bit difficult to see, but the left face of the jar is smooth - probably where the label was placed. Sorry tobacco and herbs, this jar is now a vessel for...
you probably guess!!

This mustard yellow planter is bright and cute enough to put a smile on your face. What a fun color and pattern! The face of the planter is adorned with sunflowers. The top of the pot is trimmed with a leaf pattern.
Its a Goodwill bargain too!!

Pumpkin,  Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Sea foam Green...sounds like fun hues for a cute kitchen!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed JavaJournal

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers Too Cute to Cut

I recently conquered one of  my crafting goals - learning to crochet!! [thank you youtube] Crochet flowers were next on my to do list! Are they not adorable? :)

After learning the "art" of crocheting flowers, I immediately began designing new headbands. The "band" is knitted, and the crochet flowers are sturdily attached with yarn and embellished with varying buttons and coordinating thread. 

They're perfect for girls and ladies of all ages!

Each band is available for $9 or 2 for $16.   Colors are limitless :) 

Love what you see? Leave a comment! Interested in purchasing a headband? Include interest in comment and we'll work out the details :)

As always, I hope you have enjoyed Java Journal