Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Hoot

My grandmother recently gave me this adorable vintage Owl Pin.
 I can't wait to show him off on scarves, sweaters, & cardigans.
 I love the antiqued colors - green, red, yellow & orange.  
He's a hoot!!

What are your thoughts?

I hope you have enjoyed JavaJournal <3

Late Night Hobby Turns Day Time Hit!

One evening I was in the mood the create and pick up my knitting that I have neglected for months. My goal was to create a knitted piece that could be worn year round, rather than only in the winter months. BOOM the knitted headband with bow was born [creative name, I know] I was hesitant to post a picture of it on facebook, not knowing if it would be a hit or not. Instantly, I received messages asking about the headband. Within only 5 minutes I had three orders and by the following morning I had a total of 11 orders! 

And to top that off, a high school teacher is graciously donating all of her tubs of yarn! How sweet!! :) I have quite a few more creations up my sleeve and I can't wait to get started!

Knitted Headband with Bow - $7 [color of choice, contact me if interested]

I hope you have enjoyed JavaJournal.
Stay True. Enjoy Life. Take Risks. Stay Strong.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodwill Haul from QUARTER Day!!!

What a successful shopping spree at Goodwill on Quarter Day! I hope you're as excited as I am about great deals and super bargain steals. As alway, enjoy JavaJournal! 

 Take a look at this unique coffee mug made by Big Sky Carvers. The top portion is a bronze-y  color which compliments the mocha patterned bottom portion. The attractive handle and adorable black bird made this mug too cute to pass up!  A single mug by Big Sky Carvers is approximately $15.
The Goodwill price? $0.88!!  Saved -  $14.12

This fun and funky mug is by Sandra Magsamen. Live, Laugh, Love it!
The loud and outspoken handle creates a comfortable grip and easy balance while holding the mug. I was pleasantly surprised by how pleasant it is to hold this mug. On average, mugs by Sandra, like the once pictured above, cost between $10-$25. The Goodwill price? Try $0.38!
 Let's say the mug cost $15. Saved - $14.62
How can you have coffee mugs without the coffee maker?  My boyfriend's coffee maker went kaput, and Goodwill came to the rescue with a $6.38 coffee pot!!
A Mr. Coffee on average costs $25. Saved - $18.75

Three new western shirts for the boyfriend! Two Chaps by Ralph Lauren and One by Wrangler.
  Each shirt originally cost approximately $30.
The steal? I bought 2 for a quarter and one for $3.38! Total Saved - $86.12

Let's Add it Up!
Total Approximate Original Price - $130-$140
Goodwill Total - $11.52 
Total Saved - $118 - $128Now that's a bargain!

I hope this has inspired you to discover a new way to save money while shopping! Gotta love Goodwill :)