Monday, January 31, 2011

Going Global

While reflecting on my New Year Resolution from 2010, I began brainstorming ideas for the year 2011. Something new – Something creative – Something GLOBAL…Periodically, I look over the blogger stats and have noticed that men and woman from around the world are clicking in and viewing Java Journal. In response, my goal this year is to represent the Global Audience of Java Journal. You are now my inspiration, and thrifting is my resource.
Over the course of the year, fashion and style [hair, clothing, make-up] from various diverse countries around the world will be the inspiration for new style represented at Java Journal. Shout out to countries currently following Java Journal – United States, Slovenia, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, France, China, and Norway!! Thank you for the support!!!  Enjoy Java Journal J
-photo from Google Images [world face]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fashion Forward or a Blast from the Past?

     When designing these bracelets, my goal was to use a natural element. [Cedar to be exact] My dad graciously cut circles into a piece of cedar and  added a textured pattern to the edges. I then wrapped yarn around one of the bracelets - for comfort, and fashionable reasons. I'm currently playing with ideas of how to wrap the bracelets in different patterns and color, or to even wrap them at all. They look adorable when incorporated with scarves and knit belts. The next bracelet will be square! But there's nothing square about this new accessory haha Enjoy! [have an opinion? leave a comment!] 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hand Crafted Ear Rings


      I am in a crafty mood this afternoon and decided to design a pair of ear rings. I love the hues of brown, gold, and rust. Enjoy :)

New Year Resolution 2010 - Conquered

          On January 10, 2010, my New Year Resolution was to wear an item from Goodwill every day for an entire year. I am only 8 days away from completing this bargain fashion quest! This journey has taught me how to channel my interests into a direction that can help others. By purchasing items from Goodwill, I am contributing to a foundation that prides themselves in helping others. Hey, the product of my shopping may have gone towards helping someone find a job. In addition, by informing others of my deals and steals I am setting an example of  how to be "smart spenders." Who doesn't love saving money and finding bargains? I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from 365 days of Goodwill. Thanks for your support :)