Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolution 2010 - Conquered

          On January 10, 2010, my New Year Resolution was to wear an item from Goodwill every day for an entire year. I am only 8 days away from completing this bargain fashion quest! This journey has taught me how to channel my interests into a direction that can help others. By purchasing items from Goodwill, I am contributing to a foundation that prides themselves in helping others. Hey, the product of my shopping may have gone towards helping someone find a job. In addition, by informing others of my deals and steals I am setting an example of  how to be "smart spenders." Who doesn't love saving money and finding bargains? I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from 365 days of Goodwill. Thanks for your support :)


  1. I love it..I probably could of and have worn something from my buys at goodwill,almost everyday.Not just the clothes but purses ,shoes. Nevermind all of the household items I have bought as well as toys and clothes for the kids and grandbaby.Great way to save money and help others at the same time!!! Nice to know I am not the only one!!

  2. I'm so proud of you! I wish I could tell you in person but I rarely see you anymore! :(