Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Aboard, Next Stop Chicago

No worries, Goodwill has not been neglected from my everyday life. It has simply been shoved to the back burner from an excess load of school, work, and schoolwork. Such is life. I have kept my word, and continue to incorporate a thrift item with each daily outfit.
SPRING BREAK! Sorry Florida, no dice Los Angeles, hello windy city! On Tuesday, March 16, my family, Nichole, and I visited Chicago. From Kewanee, Illinois we boarded the Amtrak train and headed to Chicago! The train ride was fabulous and full of interesting people. Nichole and I enjoyed hanging out in the café while drinking coffee and hot cocoa.
Union Station in Chicago was a buzz. People filed in every direction. With our eyes glued to the map, we searched for the nearest bus stop that would take us to the Science and Industry Museum. As much as I enjoyed the Museum, it was insanely beautiful outside! My next trip to Chicago will consist of walking, window shopping, the pier, and dining…with friends of course.