Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cute Conversions for the Kitchen

I love converting every-day-new-and-old items into decorative and functional pieces. I hope you enjoy some of these fun and cute pieces my mom put together and creatively thought of for her kitchen. :)

This adorable pumpkin toned pot and lid is a candle! After the candle was burned down, my mom converted it into a container to store sugar packets in for tea and coffee. Cute and functional!

This adorable pot sits only about 4 inches high. I acquired it from an old farmer after some spring cleaning. The hue is between a turquoise and sea weed green. I instantly fell in love with it; rust spots and all!! It serves as a cute color accent in our kitchen.

This glass container and tine lid and porcelain interior was possible once used for tobacco, herbs, or medicinals. If you happen to know, please share!! It is a bit difficult to see, but the left face of the jar is smooth - probably where the label was placed. Sorry tobacco and herbs, this jar is now a vessel for...
you probably guess!!

This mustard yellow planter is bright and cute enough to put a smile on your face. What a fun color and pattern! The face of the planter is adorned with sunflowers. The top of the pot is trimmed with a leaf pattern.
Its a Goodwill bargain too!!

Pumpkin,  Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Sea foam Green...sounds like fun hues for a cute kitchen!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed JavaJournal

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers Too Cute to Cut

I recently conquered one of  my crafting goals - learning to crochet!! [thank you youtube] Crochet flowers were next on my to do list! Are they not adorable? :)

After learning the "art" of crocheting flowers, I immediately began designing new headbands. The "band" is knitted, and the crochet flowers are sturdily attached with yarn and embellished with varying buttons and coordinating thread. 

They're perfect for girls and ladies of all ages!

Each band is available for $9 or 2 for $16.   Colors are limitless :) 

Love what you see? Leave a comment! Interested in purchasing a headband? Include interest in comment and we'll work out the details :)

As always, I hope you have enjoyed Java Journal

Clean-Cut Look for a Steal

Cardigan Top - $3.38
Khaki Skirt - $3.38
Shoes - $2.00

A sleek and clean-cut look for a steal? priceless!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Official, I'm an Intern :)

I am officially an intern working for a company that specializes in military defense. What department do I work in? Air-to-Air Refueling!

   Striped Top - $1.38-$3.38
   Black Skirt - $0.25
   Black Kitten Heels - $4.38
   Belt - Free! [came with a pair of shorts]

A lot of the ladies I work with in the office are blown away by my fashionable looks and Goodwill prices ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping With Mom :) Goodwill Attire

These colors may reflect the Fall season, but it's an oddly chilly day for summer!

Button Down Sweater - Goodwill $1.38-$3.38 [can't remember]
Burnt Orange Top - $1.38
Wedges - $4.38

The scarf is a piece of remnant silk material that was on sale at the fabric store. I bought it for less than $3!!