Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers Too Cute to Cut

I recently conquered one of  my crafting goals - learning to crochet!! [thank you youtube] Crochet flowers were next on my to do list! Are they not adorable? :)

After learning the "art" of crocheting flowers, I immediately began designing new headbands. The "band" is knitted, and the crochet flowers are sturdily attached with yarn and embellished with varying buttons and coordinating thread. 

They're perfect for girls and ladies of all ages!

Each band is available for $9 or 2 for $16.   Colors are limitless :) 

Love what you see? Leave a comment! Interested in purchasing a headband? Include interest in comment and we'll work out the details :)

As always, I hope you have enjoyed Java Journal

1 comment:

  1. These area adorable! How about a crochet flower stretch bracelet? Could you make that? & matching headband? I know my girls would love headbands too. Email me at