Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Belt it Out

 Purchased this nude and desert brown canvas belt with leather and brass accents from Goodwill for $1.38. 
I love the texture and neutral tones! 

1 canvas belt + Khaki Skirt =  3 ways!

Floral Print
I paired the belt with a khaki skirt because the tones compliment each other so well. My goal is to accent the shirt, not overwhelm it. The top is a simple pearl snap button down with delicate turquoise and desert brown floral accents that compliment the dessert brown tones in the belt.

Goodwill Fashion
Top Aeropostale $3.38
Skirt  $3.38
Belt  $1.38

Argyle Print
The 2nd top is an argyle print cashmere sweater. Similar to the floral print top, the creme, dessert brown, and nude tones in the top reflect the same tones in the belt. The argyle's diagonal lines create an interesting contrast with the horizontal lines on the belt. 

Goodwill Fashion
Top New York & Co $3.38
Skirt $3.38
Belt $1.38

Pairing the canvas belt with a striped top proposed a little more difficulty. I do not want to create a clash of lines between the belt and top. This blue button down has fine white piping that does not over power the horizontal lines in the belt. The light blue shade compliments the creme and desert brown shades in the belt. 

Goodwill Fashion
Top by Express $4.38
Skirt $3.38
Belt $1.38

Too cold for a skirt? Pair all tops and belt with skinny jeans or khaki pants. :)

All clothing items were purchased at my local Goodwill! 

3 looks for $14.90! 

Hope you enjoyed this fashion update from Java Journal!


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