Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warm & Fashionable Layers

As winter progresses the temperature decreases! Its that time of year to bundle up in layers. Forget bulky and uncomfortable layering -stay warm and fashionable with these Goodwill looks!

This brown knit wrap sweater is one of my favorite fall/winter pieces in my closet. I love pairing it with brown leggings and cowgirl boots - they're the perfect composition for studying in the library and looking fashionable without sacrificing comfort. Pictured above, the wrap sweater is paired with a brown long sleeve shirt and creme scarf. The creme scarf sets off the creme tones in the sweater. I recently purchased these bracelets from Goodwill. The turquoise, caramel, and pumpkins tones add a simple pop of color. Afraid of color? - Add a bracelet with the same coloring such as the bracelet pictured below. The different shades of brown and black compliment the brown tones in the sweater.


Goodwill Fashion
Brown Long Sleeve Top $1.38
Brown Knit Sweater 25c [steal!]
Bracelets $1.38
Scarf  free gift
Total {$3.01} 
Where else can you beat that price?!

I am a fan of neutral tones [who says neutral has to be boring?] Pictured above is a taupe Merona jacket paired with a light violet cashmere sweater. The ensemble is accented with a canvas belt that is included in the previous post. To top it off - literally - is a creme scarf with a beautiful creased pattern. Pair with fitted khakis or skinny jeans and leather boots!

Like to accessorize? Add this! The gold chain and establishments compliment the belt and the shades of purple floral mirrors the light violet sweater. 

Goodwill Fashion
Jacket 25c
Cashmere Sweater 25c
Canvas Belt $1.38 
Scarf FREE with a purchase of shoes
Necklace $1.38
{Total $3.26}

Leather is in! This leather jacket screams fashion forward and will never look outdated because of it classy muted burgundy red color. This color of leather is best paired with a silver hinged cuff and chain necklace as pictured above. The jacket is layered with a brown crew neck sweater too add an additional warm yet fashionable layer. 

The hinged cuff has an interesting leaf pattern - makes a beautiful cuff for fall. 

The silver chain necklace enhances the edgy aura of the leather jacket.

Goodwill Fashion
Jacket   25c
Sweater    25c
Bangle  $3.38
Necklace  $3.38
{Total - $7.26}

Happy New Year & God Bless


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