Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strangled by a Scarecrow

A Goodwill shopping trip unearthed multiple pieces including a men's plaid button down 3x shirt for 1 quarter! My first intent was to give it to my dad to wear for outside/farm work [but it was way too large]. Plan B - make a hot pad...then I realized I should utilize the entire shirt for a single project, rather than sewing multiple hot pads of the same pattern. Plan C - make a scarf!!

I want to incorporate the functions of the shirt into the scarf. To do so, I included exposed pockets, buttons, and the cuffs. 

The cuffs are buttoned and sewn shut for a finished look.

Two panels were cut from the shirt [one including the buttons, the other including button holes] and sewn together on one side.  The opposite is buttoned as it would be as a shirt. 

Shirt - Scarf
This complete look only cost 25c!! 

My loving aunt made a joke saying "you look like you're being strangled by a scarecrow" 
haha Great Humor! 

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