Monday, February 27, 2012

Taste of Spring Sorority Girl Style

Another beautiful day begins to melt the remaining layers of snow - what better way to celebrate than with a skirt and floral accents? The last Monday of every month requires my sorority chapter to wear formal attire for the entire day. Appropriately, I chose a skirt and silk top for the occasion.

The silk top proposed a few problems after I purchased it. It was a small investment, but I know nothing of how it was originally worn or if it was once part of an ensemble.

I decided to pair the silk top with a gray pencil skirt and white peep toe pumps.

For a floral accent, I included a silver chain necklace with white vintage floral beads and a silk coral and gray floral scarf.

Silk Top - 25c
Gray Pencil Skirt - 25c
Necklace - $1.38
Shoes - $4

Scarf - $3

A sweet thank you to the lovely Autumn for being my photographer :)

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