Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pattern Perfect

Pairing prints will create the perfect look, but only if executed properly.

1 - I begin with a  floral skirt I found at Goodwill for 25c!
        The delicate floral pattern is best paired with a simple white tank on top, so the skirt is not overpowered.

2 - I want to combine two different patterns that compliment each other, rather than each fighting for attention.

         This striped button - down [Goodwill $4.38] is bold enough to be recognized as a contrasting pattern, yet is does not overpower the skirt. Exactly what I am looking for! The blues/whites are working well together.

3 - Completed with coordinating blue wedges - also purchased at Goodwill for $4.38

4 - Accessorized with vintage pearls! :)  [FREE]

A cute and sophisticated look for under $10

Try This! If the weather is a bit steamy, loose the button down and pair with fun necklaces or a scarf!

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