Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Kiss of Accessories

It is day 3 of classes and day 3 of my Goodwill school year challenge.

Take it from the top!

White Cotton Top - 25 c {Goodwill}
Brown Capris - Old Navy - Clearance Rack
Flip Flops - $4.38 {Goodwill}

Just a Kiss of Accessories <3

Necklace - Vintage with Colonial Porcelain Scene - $1.38 {Goodwill}

Bracelets - I made these bracelets after disassembling a necklace I purchased
at Goodwill for $1.38!

--I love reinventing!


  1. You're amazingggg!!

  2. You got that necklace at Goodwill? I love it!

    Keep on being cute & resourceful!