Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mesh to Looking Fresh - The Journey of a Swimsuit Cover-Up

     College graduation has passed and I am entering a new chapter in my life. With the new chapter, I feel it is necessary to tackle a new closet! Sorting through my closet has been a still-continuing-3-day-process. Amist the organizing; however, my creative wheels are spinning and I am discovering some drab pieces I am anxious to reinvent!

     The following is a picture of a Roxy top I puchased [secon-hand] in high school, along with a pair of Nike athletic pants I have worn since high school freshman year [I hold on to them, thinking they're going to fit again - oh please] The letters have completely faded and/or have been torn off - it's time to reinvent!

Roxy Top - < $3
Nike Pants - < $5

     I really like the blue mesh interior of the pants, so I cut out the entire mesh inteior. Also, I cut out the "Roxy" logo on the shirt - still debating on using it.

Result = A pile of blue mesh!

I draped the remanant fabric on the dressform and brainstormed different constructions. Other ideas included strapless and one shoulder, but I love this final construction.

I originally was going to use shoe lace for the straps in order to continue the athletic theme; however, I love the flirty look of the hand-crocheted yarn straps. I just happened to have variated blue and white cotton yarn. The straps twist in the middle of the back, before meeting the hips of the dress cover-up

A close-up view of the crocheted straps...

Now for the most time-consuming part - measuring, cutting, pinning, and sewing!

Stay Tuned

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