Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JavaJournal is Published on the Internet

I recently joined a website called Life123 which allows everyone the opportunity to submit their own written work to be edited and chosen for publication. This morning I just receieved an email stating my article about Goodwill Shopping is officially published! The article will appear on almost every search engine on the internet. There is money involved as well, but only with your help. The number of people who visit my site at Life123 determines how much I am paid for each article. Please join in on the fun by visiting and subscribing to my account "JavaJournal" at life123.com

Simply visit the website life123.com and in the the search engine located on the home page type in JavaJournal. There you will find my Goodwill to Men article and future articles! I am excited about this new found journalism journey, and I give Him all the thanks and the glory.

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