Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finding great deals is my specialty. Managing my budget is necessary. Goodwill shopping is a necessity. There are very few places that I could have walked out of with three name brand sweaters for a total cost of $10.14. I’m not poor by any means, nor am I wealthy. But I am conscientious and practical. I absolutely love bargain hunting, for it gives me a sort of thrill. I literally drool over Quarter Day. “In your face department stores!” always seems to come to mind when thrift shopping. My pocket book reads second- hand- bargains, but my attire says otherwise. I do have a keen sense of fashion…ahem, if I do say so myself. Friends wouldn’t lie about my creative fashion sense…would they? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Goodwill Haul

White Sweater- Merona (Target) $3.38

Argyle Patterned Sweater – New York & Company $3.38
(has yet to meet an iron)

Pink Sweater – Maurices $3.38

Let’s shop…thrifty that is.

10 Goodwill Shopping Tips:

#1 – Have an idea of the time frame allowed for shopping. Goodwill is not like other department stores. There are multiple clothing racks and shelves full of different genres and styles of clothing from every decade, literally. (Including the oversized color-blocked styles of the 90’s)

#2 – Find out the official day of the week for Quarter Day. During Quarter day, all clothing with a specific colored tag only costs a small price of 25c. Score! This is a great time to load up on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Challenge your creativity by purchasing quarter clothing that can be later altered to your liking. –cuff pants into capris -trim skirt or dress –cut off sleeves –add buttons (I think another blog idea is brewing)

#3 – Never underestimate the good ol’ saying, “Early bird get’s the worm”. Clothing racks are replenished daily. The earlier in the day you arrive, the higher your chances of finding a bargain.
[side story] A few women from my church (myself included) went on a shopping trip to a nearby Goodwill. The store doors were scheduled to open around 9 a.m. When we arrived in the parking lot a little before opening hours, there was a group of woman standing in front of the closed doors waiting eagerly for them to open. Now that’s devotion. A little bit hardcore if you ask me. Needless to say, we laughed.

#4 – Look for signs in the store that might display any sales or ½ price deals for specified tag colors.

#5 – Before sifting through the clothing racks push the clothing adorned hangers down the rack so they becomes a bit scrunched together. This allows more leave way for you to whip through each shirt/dress.

#6 – Bring a pair of socks if you are planning on trying on footwear such as sneakers, boots, and/or ice skates.

#7 – In reference to clothing: You can never pull too many pieces off of the rack. However, when trying on clothes in the dressing rooms keep a mental note of how much you are spending/saving. This will help with deciding which pieces to keep, or leave behind.

#8 – If you are accompanied by children while Goodwill shopping, be weary of the toys they are playing with. That aisle is germville.

#9 – Goodwill has auction items allowing everyone the opportunity to make a bid. Highest bid wins. There was once a Prada Purse up for bid. Don’t ask me if it was the real deal or a knock off. The bidders apparently didn’t mind.

#10 – Donate! Many Goodwill stores will give you an appropriate refund for the item(s) that you donate. It’s almost as if you’re getting paid to shop there. Now that’s a bargain!

Happy Goodwill Hunting

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