Monday, January 11, 2010

Crap, Where's my cell phone?

Today I experienced what it means to discover how much you love something until it’s lost. The lost love happens to be my cell phone, well “happened” to be. Stop the judging, for I only love my cell phone when it’s necessary to make a phone call or send a quick text. Forget the flashy gadgets and applications. I have enough entertainment outside my kitchen window. No, Kanye West does not live in my backyard. But just so you know, Beyonce was the best neighbor of all time. Anyways…off the tangent…This morning I went to work. As for work, I clean horse stalls by shoveling manure in a wheel barrel and hauling it through a foot of snow to the manure pile. Classy. After cleaning each stall I proceeded to dump bags of fresh bedding into each of the stalls. I then reached into my pocket to check the, what? What?! Where is my cell phone? Oh no. I begin the search. Another tidbit about my cell phone—its expresso brown. I work in a barn that has a brown dirt floor, with stalls lacking any ray of lighting, and where horses poop piles of brown manure. Need I remind you that I just finished putting down new bedding. I rechecked my pockets, pants, and coat 4xs over. I begin praying. Pray before panic.

Each stall was sifted through and inspected countless times as well as the perimeter and interior of the dim- lit-dirt-floor-barn. No dice. An hour later I run home, and call my mother. Voicemail. I call my grandma, she answers! After explaining the situation I return to work and wait for the phone to vibrate. I stand in each stall…wait…nothing…I stand in the tack room…nothing…I stand in the hay…nothing. Taking a chance and begin the trek to the manure pile…kneel down and listen. Wait! Without a care I start digging through the manure pile…with my sleeve covered hand. The vibrate stops…I wait…It starts once more, and I finally discover my cell phone hidden beneath frost covered clumps of manure! What an answered prayer. Holy piles of horse manure, I am reunited with my manure exresso brown cell phone!

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